Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth...

As a mom of boys, you know that you will have to repeat yourself over and over, you know that you will have to raise your voice over the noise of two ninjas battling it out just so you can say "Supper is ready!". You know that you will have to wipe pee off the toilet...lid, seat, floor, wall (yes, wall...while potty training I made them sit to pee just in case they needed to do a number 2, and well...they forgot to "point" down. Haha)
You know that you will have to deal with stitches (sometimes on your sons' 4th birthday), bleeding noses, ridiculous hair cuts from their father, small fingers banged by a metal dump truck, eating sand...and countless more.
But somedays, I am literally BLINDSIDED by the words that just came out of my mouth. I gasp and think "Did I seriously just have to say that??"

(During bath time) "Boys! Do not fight each other with your penises!!"

"Get your finger out of your bum!" Boy yells something barely audible and I reply: "I don't care if you like that little hole. Finger OUT!"

"Stop eating your snot."

"Do NOT pee on the trampoline!!!" While naked boy jump naked and peed on the trampoline.

"Do not pee on your brother!!"

"Why are you both sitting on the toilet and peeing? Wait...How are you doing that?"

"Why do you stink? Is that paper towel in your nose? How long has it been up there!?"

"Seriously? Do not eat the dog food. It's called DOG FOOD."

"Look at that poop? It is. Isn't it."

"Good brothers don't punch each other in the face."

"Don't touch the dog there."

"Stop flying that helicopter in to your brothers head!"

"Do NOT ski down the stairs!"

These are just a few of the things I've said that made me think "Wow, I really did just say that." But there are countless more, and there are even more things I get to say everyday to these two munchkins...although the days get hectic, sometimes they feel long, sometimes they blow by so quickly; I will always take the time to tell them how much I love them, to the moon, stars, and back. How proud I am of them. How they are turning in to such bright, strong, loving, caring, funny young men. And even though we can all have bad days, it doesn't mean I love them any just means there was a speed bump and we got over it together, and the next one will be that much easier. We are a team...always will be.

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